We are guitar makers, guitar fixers and teachers of the art of guitar repair. 

Our Artifact brand of production and custom pieces are made using unique materials and finished to be one-of-a-kind. We use old growth woods and rare sinker logs for our bodies. Our necks are quarter sawn and torrefied for decades of stability. Our aesthetic is achieved using unique, textured finishes made from old world paints, traditional french polishes for a high gloss yet smooth as satin finish for the back of our necks, and of course nitrocellulose for a classic, atomic finish on our golden-era inspired bodies. Our functional one-off works of art are unique in design and utilize specially designed hardware and completely unique joinery in order to update the electric guitar without losing it's historic charm and nostalgia.  

In addition to our production models, we also revive dead instruments and rebuild cheap guitars with the intention to make them work far and beyond their original limitations. Our Voide service (named as a play on void, as our process most certainly voids the manufactures warranty) turns the molested tree carcasses posing as guitars into solid, everyman workhorses. The benefit extends from upgrading a beginner's instrument and helping them play a more serious piece while staying within a modest budget, all the way to the working professional who wants to keep the nice gear at home but needs quality equipment for the road. 

Our repair services are second-to-none with a specialization in vintage restoration. With two decades of vintage experience working in major markets, we know what to do – and most importantly what not to do – in order to fix your priceless vintage pieces. In addition to our restorations, we're also well known for our immaculate fretwork and our supercharged setups. 

If you would like to learn, we will teach you the art of luthiery with an emphasis on repair. No huge tuitions. No punishingly long time commitments; just thorough, efficient courses designed to get you on your feet ASAP. For more information on our school, please go here:


Call us, email us, visit us – whatever you'd like to do. We're easy. 

Jes restored two of my guitars, both having cracked necks and labeled “beyond repair” by others. But Jes brought them back to life! Also got them VOIDed,and they are amazing! I will be bringing my other guitars in as I can. Great work by a great luthier.
— Ted H.
My guitar feels like new again! Jes transformed my over 10 year old acoustic and I am amazed as to how good it sounds and feels again. I will continue to bring my guitars to him in the future and definitely recommend him to everyone!
— Hannah D.
It was refreshing to have every repair explained to me in plain English - what was being done and how it improves the sound and feel of the guitar. I was able to see the work done right in from of me so I know it was quality craftsmanship. That level of customer service is extremely rare.
— Anthony K.

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