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We hope the new year has been treating you well. Our move to Bloomington has been a good change. I do miss the fantastic lighting of the studio space, but the new place has proven to be a more convenient spot for our current customers and new ones to find us. We have some big updates to share.

Class IS In Session

 Setup tools

Setup tools

We currently have a full class for our Guitar Setup & Maintenance class, and we have a few more advanced courses set to start in the next few weeks. As I've been in the profession here in Minnesota I've started to realize that working on your own gear is a borderline necessity. I can't tell you how many times I've had a customer bring their guitar back in a few days after it was playing flawlessly for them because we had a dramatic shift in temperature and needed some minor adjustments again. Just last Thursday I set up a Telecaster to play with a dead straight neck and low action. Yesterday, I looked at it again after a 30 degree swing in temperature and the neck needed another adjustment. It's part of life in the Bold North.

Here's the deal. $300 may sound like a lot for a class, but it's really not. It's the cost of 5 setups. You could easily need to pay for 5 setups over the course of a year if you have a few guitars. Take the class once, you get at least 3-4 professionally observed setups during the course of the class and the confidence to set your gear up for life. You're saving yourself thousands of dollars, not only because of the free setups for life, but also because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Why would we offer this class? Doesn't it hurt our bottom line? Perhaps. But we'd rather spend our time doing the big repairs and building cool stuff than having you pay us $60 every time Minnesota undergoes one of its famous weather swings.

Original Artifacts

 Raw lumber set for processing.

Raw lumber set for processing.

 Roasted pine body blank.

Roasted pine body blank.

Our original guitar designs have been a very long time coming. We've had numerous setbacks and obstacles to overcome, and while we aren't totally out of the woods yet there has been a lot of encouraging progress of late. About a month ago, we found a competent and reasonable CNC programmer to work with who understands guitars. We wanted to use a CNC because there are a few structural aspects of our design that require pinpoint accuracy and flawless repeatability. We have both body and neck blanks set to go and are just waiting on some specialty router bits to arrive before we perform what is hopefully the last test run.

If all goes well we should have a guitar ready to play before the end of February.

New Location; New Direction

Artifact Guitars has moved out of the lofted ceiling studio in Burnsville, and into a small workshop in Bloomington nestled between 35W and MN-77 along Old Shakopee Road. Along with this change in location we have changed from having open hours to being a strictly by appointment venture.

I'm focusing heavily on building and designing guitars and jigs. I'll still happily fix your guitars, but this change in vision necessitated that we become an appointment based shop and to get out of the overhead of a fancy artist loft.

Start saving for that boutique electric guitar you've always wanted, because I'll be building it sometime in 2018.

Thank you for your continued patronage,


Jes Gilman

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