5 nights and 1 weekend –$600 w/tools 

Do you want to be king of the mountain? Do you want to be legend? Do you want an army of loyal keyboard warriors praising you on The Gearpage, typing your praises furiously with their noses tilted ever so slightly into the air? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're going to need a solid fretwork game. 

Frets are the guitar. It's not a guitar unless it has frets. We don't recognize the existence of fretless guitars – those are six string violas. 

This is our longest course. It's nearly 20 hours of theory with lots and lots of practice fretting and re-fretting a variety of different guitar necks in order to get a feel for different woods and their unique challenges. 

You'll learn about: 

   • Identifying Frets Buzz

   • Securing Loose Frets

   • Fret Leveling and Dressing

   • Fretboard Preparation (Leveling, Creating a Radius, Slotting, Etc.)

   • Fret Installation (Hammering and Pressing) 

   • Compression Fretting 

   • Fret Wire Materials 

   • Working with Binding 

   • Decorative Fret Ends

So step up your game and set yourself apart from the basic tech by developing a thorough understanding of frets and how to install them correctly and with style. 

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