Symmetry. Cohesion. Balance.

Symmetry. Cohesion. Balance.


Guitar Setup & Maintenance

Weekdays and Weekends – $300

The "Setup" is the most common repair and really the revenue producing cornerstone that keeps the humble repair shop's doors open.

Not unlike conducting an orchestra comprised entirely of middle-school derelicts, getting all of the incompatible materials that make up a guitar to work and play well together is a unique challenge. The key, like most things, is repetition. 

We've gone past the 10 thousand hour rule and we're well into the 10 thousand guitar rule. We've taken the art of the Setup and gotten it down to a science; a science that we will teach you with extreme efficiency.  

Some of the things you'll be learning:

   • Guitar Physics and Theory

   • Truss Rod Designs 

   • String Gauge and Tension Balance

   • Setting Up Electric, Acoustic, 12-String and Floyd Rose Instruments

   • Cleaning and Maintaining Electronics

   • Developing Familiarity with Various Styles and Brands of Guitars, Pickups, Bridges, etc..

   • Vintage Guitar Primer

This is one of our shorter courses (10 hours total) but it's packed with information and most importantly, repetition – lots and lots of repetition.


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