Hand cut, compensated bone saddle. 


Nut & Saddle Making  

Weekend Intensive – $450 w/tools 

Broken nuts, worn out saddles, cheap plastic parts strangling guitar tones – these are never ending plagues to guitar players. Learn to make nuts and saddles and be their shinning knight; the hero they deserve. 

It's shocking at what a difference in sound is made by altering nut and saddle materials. Common materials would include bone, horn, brass, graphite composites, and exotics like fossilized mammoth and hippo tooth, or centaur hoof and unicorn horn. They all have unique sonic properties. 

You'll learn:

• Safely Removing Nuts and Saddles

• Hand Cutting from Rough Blanks 

• Proper String Spacing

• Proper Slotting 

• Compensation 

• Creating a Vintage Patina 

This course is a weekend intensive that includes the high quality tools needed to go forth and be prosperous. 

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