Vintage Martin neck reset. 

Vintage Martin neck reset. 

Please feel free to contact us regarding a quote for a repair, or for a professional appraisal on our official letterhead.


Repair Shop Prices


Setup (Electric, Acoustic, Floyd Rose and 12 String)

$80 + Strings

A Setup includes a truss rod adjustment (when applicable), cleaning and polishing of frets and fretboard, pickup height adjustment (when applicable), tightening of all hardware, lubrication of all moving parts and intonation adjustment.

Fret Dress

$120 (Includes Setup)

Level, crown and polish w/setup.

Component Install/Pickup Swap

$40 + Parts

Complete Rewire

$80 and up + Parts

*Estimate required for semi-hollow/archtop instruments.*

Bone Nut or Bone Compensated Saddle

$120 (Includes Setup)

Other materials can be substituted, but bone is highly recommended.

Acoustic Crack Repair

$80 and up

*Estimate can only be done in person or with detailed pictures*
All crack repairs are priced without finish work.  The price for finish work varies greatly depending on finish type.

Headstock Re-glue

$160 and up

*Estimate can only be done in person or with detailed pictures*
Headstock reglues vary in scope of difficulty and as such prices can be quite disparate. The instrument may need a new nut and finish work as well which will add additional costs.

New Acoustic Bridge

$160 and up

*Includes Bone Saddle and Setup.*

Bridge Reglue

$160 (Includes)

Flattening of the top may be necessary and is not included in the price of the repair.


$320 and up

*Price Includes Bone Nut and Setup*
Maple that requires a new finish will cost more. Necks with binding are an additional $45.

Neck Reset

$400 and up.

*Price Includes Bone Saddle and Setup*
Guitars with unconventional (non dovetail) neck joints can cost more. Taylor bolt-on neck resets are $120 and include the Setup.

Complete Refinish

$480 and up

*Includes Body and Neck*
Price is for raw wood that is ready to finish. Additional charges for stripping the wood apply.


$80 and up

General aging of finish, metal, plastic etc.

Rush Fee


*Rush fees are waved for touring musicians.*

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