Vintage Gibson CF-100 Neck Reset 

Vintage Gibson CF-100 Neck Reset 

Structural REpairs

Weeknights and One Weekend (20 Hours) – $600

These are the big-boy repairs. The neck resets, the broken headstocks, top cracks, and worn out bridge plates. Basically all of the repairs that you pray never happen, but somehow always manifest on your nicest instruments. 

You'll learn about:

   • Acoustic Crack Repair

   • Humidity Concerns 

   • Loose Braces  

   • Acoustic Bridge Replacement and Bridge Plate Repair 

   • Neck Re-sets 

   • Truss Rod Replacement 

   • Headstock Breaks

   • Vintage Correct Repairs

This class is a huge money saver for anyone with nice acoustics in their collection. These also happen to be some of the more challenging repairs that we offer. We don't recommend this to be your first class, but trust and beleive that we will make sure you understand how to do these repairs by the time your 20 hours are up. 


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